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Brooke & Tom

"Creations did all of our floral for both the rehearsal and the wedding and it was absolutely beautiful and affordable! They were so nice and easy to work with and were even helpful when we needed some last minute linens. We would 100% work with them again and recommend them to anyone who needs things for their wedding or event!"

Lakeside Ballroom

"As a wedding coordinator at Lakeside, I'm always thrilled when couples say they're working with Creations for their flowers, decorating, etc. Creations does a great job and every detail is perfectly followed through. Looking forward to working with Creations in the years to come."

Alicia & Justin

"Everything looked so amazing... Thank you and Creations for all of your hard work with floral, decor and set up/tear down. It all came together so beautifully!"

Tera & Ryan

"There is so much to say about Karla and how she saved my wedding day, I don't know how I can do her any justice with this review. I had been meticulously planning my wedding on my own for over a year and I had a sailcloth tent vendor booked and paid for 13 months in advance. The vendor came to the farm location and inspected the site to see if it could sustain a sailcloth tent and said no problem and that it could sustain heavy winds and rain. It rained only a couple times in the 6 months before my wedding and we had one of the worst droughts this area has ever seen. I hired Karla near the end of my wedding planning because I needed help for the day of; I never anticipated what was about to happen to me a week before my wedding. To say I wish I would have found Karla from the day I got engaged would be a HUGE understatement. 5 days before my wedding we had torrential downpours every day and crazy winds. We went from a dried up river to a complete muddy mess and blown over trees a couple days before my wedding day. The sailcloth tent that I booked on my own before I met Karla came crashing down to the ground 3 days before my wedding day! The vendor did come out to put it back up but told me he would be out of town in Iowa for other tent weddings and would not be able to help me if it fell down again. The next day, the tent started falling again! I had all the chairs, and place settings set up under the tent, and the whole tent was about to fall on top of everything and the weather was showing heavy winds and rain for the subsequent 2 days. At that exact same time I got a call from the dry cleaners that my dress was "unpressable" and that appliques and beads were falling off my dress. I dropped the dress off 3 weeks prior and it was supposed to be picked up that day. I then got a call from the portable bathroom rental that my card was declined (for unknown reasons)! To say I was stressed out was an understatement. I called Karla to let her know what was going on and she took over everything for me! She picked up my wedding dress from the cleaners herself and brought needle and thread to fix any spots that were ruined, she showed up to the farm and stayed for hours that night helping us pack up all the place settings, linens, cushions, lights, 150 chairs, 16 tables, centerpieces etc from underneath the falling tent and helped us load them up and started making last minute plans for a different venue/location for my wedding on the family farm! She used her own credit card to pay "Creations" up front to help me redecorate a new space/venue the DAY before my wedding, because my credit card company froze my card! She reached out to the tent vendor and had my money refunded for the tent I couldn't use. She then spent an entire day (the day before my wedding) transforming my husband's family shed/barn into a breathtaking space for a wedding!  She had to change the layout, the table numbers/seating chart and design and execute a new space- I don't know how she did it, but she did AMAZING! We had tractors, combines and farm equipment in that barn right before she started planning a brand new wedding! We had 20ft+ white drapery and a massive crystal chandelier in the center, pink up lighting, EVERYTHING! My wedding turned out beautifully, I can only imagine what it would have looked like if I had hired Karla from the beginning. I would have saved myself time, money and a lot of anxiety! She coordinated with all of my vendors (the florist, cake artist, DJ, preacher, bathroom vendor, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup artists) so that I didn't have to answer any questions or plan anything. She helped me make itineraries, and also had a rehearsal for me the day before so everyone knew where to stand and what to say. I didn't have to do anything on my wedding day except sit back and enjoy! She even managed to drop off food and drinks for me and my wedding party at the hotel the morning of my wedding! Karla is superwoman and such a caring, amazing person! Do yourself a favor and book Karla for your wedding!"

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